Top 10 funniest Gameday Signs from the 2014 College Football season


The 2014 College Football season is over. Yes, already. Well, the part with College Gameday at least. Feels like it just got started, and it’s already over. Now you know how Michigan fans feel when they’re eliminated in Week 2.

As usual with college football, there were tons of very funny signs each week on College Gameday. It actually makes ESPN worth watching (on mute, unless you’re an SEC fan).

So we’ve put together the #NOTSCTop10 funniest GameDay signs from College GameDay’s appearances all across the country in 2014. Check them all out by clicking the page numbers at the bottom.

The 4 college playoff teams (Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, Ohio State) were the main targets, but plenty of others got shot at as well (no arrests though #BlameJameis).

The source of the pics is below each. Enjoy.


There were so many good ones that didn’t make it, so let’s get things started with some honorable mentions:

SEC East Standings:


(pic via @RedditCFB)

The SEC is so “strong” that a 4-8 Big 10 team won a division. Nice.


West Virginia University want ad:


(pic via @CollegeGameday)

Yes…”reasons.” Reasons which having nothing to do with the lighter or the blow torch. Swear.


Remember kids, before you play college football:


(pic via @bustedcoverage)

Phew. Sorry to the people that this isn’t true for.


When these didn’t make it, you know this is a loaded Top 10. Or a “skrong” Top 10 as Jameis would say.


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