Top 10 funniest GIFs and Vines from NFL Week 3


In NFL Week 3 we learned: the only professional football team in the state of Florida is the Florida State Seminoles, even buying all the defenders in the world the Broncos still can’t beat the Seahawks, and when Carson Palmer isn’t playing no one can keep the Cardinals out of first place (imagine that).

Week 3 brought plenty of hilarious moments (too many almost, thanks to the Tampa Bay Bucs setting professional football back 50 years with their “performance”), so we’ve collected the #NOTSCTop10 funniest moments from Week 3 brought to you in GIF and Vine form. Check them all out by clicking the page numbers at the bottom.

We’ve got all kinds of TD celebrations, Robert Kraft pulling a Tom Brady, the bumbling Bucs, the LB who took himself out, and much, much more.

The sources for each GIF and Vine are underneath them.


#10 Nick Folk raises the roof, DMX style

(Vine via @CJZero)

Kicking a field goal is exciting for the Jets, because they probably can’t throw an interception there.

Wait…what are we saying. It’s the Jets. Never say no interceptions. But that DMX song should be the Jets theme song.

Jets fans would certainly think it’s appropriate.

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