Top 10 funniest GIFs of the 2014 NFL Playoffs


The 2014 NFL playoffs brought lots of hilarity, and we aren’t just talking about Philip Rivers’ face here. The Colts’ attempt at defense, The Bengals’ attempt at well…anything, the officials, there were plenty of things funny about the playoffs, especially if you’re a Bronco or Seahawk fan.

So inspired by that, and our Top 10 GIFs of the 2013 season (, we’ve put together the 10 funniest GIFs of the 2014 playoffs and ranked them.

There’s all kinds of good stuff in here, including Andrew Luck possibly being rabid, Marques Colston losing his mind, a ref taking revenge on the players, Kaepernick and his “Cam swag”, and more. Click through (by clicking the page numbers at the bottom) and check ‘em out. You probably know what #1 is, unless you’ve been living on Mars for the past few weeks.

#10 The Saints helped each other deal with the cold in Seattle


(GIF via @CJZero)

How romantic.

Thanks to the Seahawks, they certainly had plenty of time to go check out the space needle together.


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