Top 10 funniest Jameis Winston crab leg memes


Jameis Winston was issued a citation for shoplifting crab legs from Publix grocery store in Tallahassee. Sounds like something we’d make up, doesn’t it? But it was an actual real headline. Seriously. Not sure how that happens, but it did. Most crabs and legs in Tallahassee come from their sorority girls.

How was Jameis feeling about it?


But a review of 2013 Florida State game tape shows more than just Jameis may have been involved:


Gives “Red Lobster” a whole new meaning.

(pic via @RealMichaelW)

Nobody stops Red Lightning though. He remains at large.

As you can imagine, twitter was ablaze with a variety of very funny reactions to this bizarre headline. So we’ve put together the #NOTSCTop10 funniest Jameis Winston crab leg¬†memes. Check ‘em out (by clicking the page numbers below), there’s various footage of Jameis throughout the crime against seafood.

The source of the pictures are mentioned next to the rank they were ordered in. They may not be the original creator, so if you ARE the original creator and can show us as much, leave us a comment and we’ll adjust the source to you.

You might want to get a drink first, this top 10 could make you thirsty.


10. @EmoryParker

Winston’s already taking advantage of his new grocery store talents:


You know he’s serious when he comes into the store in full uniform. Sweaters are for suckers.

#1 Key to winning: don’t get stopped by secruity.

#2-100000 Keys to winning: See #1.


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