Top 10 funniest LeBron back to Cleveland memes


Guess who’s back? Back again? No, it’s not Shady, good guess though. It’s LeBron. He’s back in Cleveland and ready to pick back up where he left off 4 years ago: losing in the playoffs.

As you’ve seen above and here, the Cavs unveiled a new banner to welcome LeBron home. They just had to uh…edit it a few times.

As you can imagine, LeBron finally deciding set the internet world ablaze with a variety of very funny memes. So we bring to you the #NOTSCTop10 very funniest we found. There’s behind the scenes footage with LeBron, Wade, Bosh, Pat Riley, and more Cleveland/NBA friends.

Check them all out by clicking the page numbers at the bottom.

The authors of the pictures are listed by their ranking (or at least, how we found them). Some may not be the original creator. If you are the original creator please leave us a comment and show us and we will happily adjust and give you your credit.

The pictures are theirs, the captions are ours.


#10 @CavsMemes

Remember LeBron’s infamous “not 2, not 3″ speech? Turns out there was a slight edit we didn’t hear:


Ouch. Not sure what an “ass’s” is but it sure does sounds funny.

Even when Cleveland pulls off something amazing that no one thought they could until about a week before it happened, they still find a way to lose.

Wonder how long it will take LeBron to remember Cleveland’s problem with that. Probably a few games in when they start 2-5 next season.


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