Top 10 funniest LeBron flops as a Heat player


LeBron is the greatest basketball athlete (Kevin Durant may have a debate calling him the greatest “player”) in the world, but as we all know (unless you’re a blind LeBron fan that thinks everyone is “hating”) he likes to flop a time or two or twenty. Often he gets away with it, occasionally he gets slapped on the wrist.

All the kids that idolize LeBron have even started #LeBroning in high school hall ways: What a role model.

And now that he’s back in Cleveland, we need a way to remember his time with the Heat, and what better way than by recalling all of his best flops?

So in that vein, we’ve complied our Top 10 funniest LeBron flops as a member of the Heat, and ranked them, #NOTSCTop10 style. Check them all out by clicking the page numbers at the bottom.

There’s all kinds of LeBron flops here, from his infamous ones against the Pacers, to even against Santa’s elf Nate Robinson. Just about any of them could be #1.


Here were 3 honorable mentions that didn’t quite make the list (we had to stop somewhere or there’d be thousands):


(GIF via @CJZero)

“Well JR Smith sort of touched my arm, it’s only natural i’d end up in the 3rd row.”



(GIF via

Not really sure what LeBron was doing here, looked like he decided to turn left in a right turn only lane.



(GIF via @SBNation)

Apparently the air hit LeBron in the throat? That’s gotta be a technical on the air.

As you can tell with those three not making it, this is certainly a stacked #NOTSCTop10, as you’ll see.


  1. Ellie Doe


    Most of these aren’t flops.

    • Jake J.


      So how would you describe these? Seizures? #4 & #7 aren’t flops. the rest are INSANE.

      • Acts of God, clearly.

      • jon c


        #4 he smacked his balls on the ground. you can see at the end that he is grabbing for them.

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  3. Joey Santana


    So, how many of these were called fouls?

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  10. NY-L


    I cant call him the best player Jordan would have never done any of the shit Lebron did tonight. This is what happens when you dont stick with a “team” and instead trust in other “players”. You get beat by teams.

    • SouthernSmoke88


      he never even passed Kobe.. none of the greats and def none of his peers has ever mentioned him as the greatest, only the best player in the world today.. in a league where the entire EC is below .500 and Gerald Green is an all star finally, he’s the greatest in the world smh

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