Top 10 funniest other Hunter Pence Signs


Hunter Pence seems to be a rather odd fellow. It is rather appropriate then that Mets fans chose a rather odd means of trash talking him during the Giants’ recent series in New York. It’s odd that the Mets would be talking trash to begin with, but you know, it’s the Mets. Nuff said.

Here are some of the signs displayed at Citi Field over the weekend.


Continuing their theme, we started the hashtag #OtherHunterPenceSigns on Twitter and encouraged some of the great @NOTSportsCenter/@NOTMLBTonight followers to contribute what odd things that would say about Hunter Pence on signs like these.

We started by provided some of our own to get things going.

Our followers did not disappoint. So here are the #NOTSCTop10 funniest of the #OtherHunterPenceSigns, as written by @NOTSportsCenter/@NOTMLBTonight followers.

Check them all out by clicking the page numbers at the bottom.

There’s thoughts on how Hunter Pence screws up drinking, eating, managing his life and more. #1 is about as cruel as you can be without any swear words/epithets.


#10 – @translated_tets

He probably cheers for the Norwegian Lundehund, too.

And then throws a shoe at the winner. Who throws a shoe? Hunter Pence does. Honestly.

(Up next: which store should never allow Hunter back?)

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