Top 10 funniest sports mugshots of all time


Josh Gordon and Justin Blackmon can’t stop getting arrested. They’re serving suspensions on top of suspensions on top of suspensions but that doesn’t stop them.

They even made the 2014 NFL all arrest team:

They’re piling up mugshots, which reminds us of a certain NFL player’s famous mugshot. We got to wondering, who had the funniest mugshots of all time?

So we’ve put together the #NOTSCTop10 funniest sports mugshots of all time. There’s guys from 5 different sports, but not surprisingly, the NFL dominates.

So instead of tallying up sports, we kept count of which school and crime produces the funniest mugshots to give you some smack talk material. Obvious ones like Florida State and Miami are here…but did they win?

Check them all out by clicking the page numbers below.

Make sure to check out the final page, where we reveal the “winning” (winning like Charlie Sheen winning) college and crime that produces the funniest mugshots.

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10. Pacman Jones


College: West Virginia University

Arrested for: Making it Rain (We actually don’t know specifically which arrest this mugshot is from, and he’s got a longgggggg rap sheet. So we’ll go with that. Best “crime” ever.)


Pacman: “Mannnnn y’all act like ain’t taken like 24 of these by now. I know what I’m doing.”

It’s true. He does. He’s even got a frequent arrest card. One more and he gets a free lawyer to represent him. Nice.


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