Top 10 funniest sports screwups from 2014


It’s been a wild year in sports in 2014. People actually cared about soccer for a few weeks. How wild is that?

But as with anything in sports, especially when the Raiders are playing, you get screwups. That’s where our @SomeonesAnIdiot comes in.

So to look back on 2014, we put together the #NOTSCTop10 funniest sports screwups of the year. There was everything from a basketball team scoring over 4,000 points, a college defeating a bye week, George Zimmerman joining a sports team, and more.

Check them all out by clicking the page numbers at the bottom.


#10 Maryland’s “quality win”

28 points to the bye week? Gotta work on that D, Maryland.

Sadly this is probably Maryland’s best win and it doesn’t even count.

Until the committee adds that rule in when an SEC team needs one next year.

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