Top 10 funniest sports screwups from July


The month of July 2014 brought a close to the World Cup and LeBron’s Decision 2.0 so naturally there was plenty of insanity to go with it. And with insanity, it leads to mistakes. A lot of those mistakes end up being quite funny.

This is where our @SomeonesAnIdiot comes in. We make fun of all the stupid things said and mistakes made by people (including us, we’ve posted ourselves twice), both unintentionally and intentionally on there. Soon we will be doing the same with the dumbest twitter mentions and facebook comments we get again soon.

(For a preview of what we will soon be doing again with our mentions, check out:

Make sure to follow @SomeonesAnIdiot on twitter if you aren’t already and send all the funny mistakes you see, and we’ll credit you if we use your pic.

With the month wrapping up, we put together the #NOTSCTop10 funniest sports mistakes from July.

We’ve got misunderstood Math, screwed up pictures, bad career advice for LeBron, and CBS’ very unfortunate MLB All Star game mistake, and more.

Check them all out by clicking the page numbers below.

#1 summarized education and sports in America with one mistake. Definitely a classic.



#10 Bengals schedule includes must-see game

Could be a tough one for the Bengals. The Streets are very dangerous, mostly because they carry assault weapons.

Then again, so do the Bengals so maybe it won’t be so hard.

The Longest Yard 2 finally has its plot. Just keep out Adam Sandler please. We’re begging you.

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