Top 10 funniest sports vines from May


The month of May brought us all kinds of hilarity, and we’re not just talking about the Eastern Conference’s performance in the NBA playoffs. There was Lance Stephenson, and Lance Stephenson, and Lance Stephenson and…well, Lance Stephenson.

Outside of Lance’s insane never ending hijinks (at least until the Heat choke slammed them out of the playoffs), there were actually quite a few hilarious moments that produced a number of very funny vines.

So we’ve put together the 10 funniest vines we found from the month of May 2014 and ranked them, #NOTSCTop10 style.

Check  ‘em all out by clicking the page numbers at the bottom.

There’s vines from NBA, MLB, NFL, college sports, and even the Spelling Bee (ESPN thinks its’ a sport, so so do we.).

The creators of the vines (or at least how we found them, if you created one and we have it wrong, let us know) are listed below them.

Here we go.

(FYI: Stephenson blowing down Kevin Durant was on the list, but the vine wouldn’t work on phones for some reason so we took it off. Thanks Obama. Speaking of which, he’s on the list now because of it. #conspiracy)

10. President Obama imitates Richard Sherman

When you have too much at a dinner with a bunch of your friends, you start talking like this:

(Vine via @SBNation)

Not bad Mr. President. Not bad.  But it needs more insane yelling and more sideline reporters scared for their life.

President Obama and Richard Sherman do have one thing in common: Obama is the only President in the game, Sherman thinks he’s the only corner in the game.

Sounds like True Detective Season 2 has its’ cast.     


  1. Josh


    Y’all do realize that the Braves have won the World Series in the past 20 years…

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