Top 10 funniest images of Red Sox Fans


It is easy to make fun of the Astros, Marlins and Cubs (among others) and we admit that we are not above doing just that. As we start the season, though, we will take aim at the defending champion Red Sox. More specifically, we will take a shot at their fans because….well, they deserve it.

They have tried to take ownership of the word “strong” the way Raiders fans have tried to take ownership of “nation”. Realistically, Red Sox and Raiders fans are quite similar. They are equally obnoxious, but Red Sox fans just tend to have fewer violent tendencies.

So we’ve found 10 images of Red Sox fans being really goofy, stupid, drunk, or all above the above and ranked the, #NOTSCTop10 style. Check ‘em out (by clicking the page numbers below), there’s screwed up signs, guys copping a feel, random shot outs and much much more.



Sure, the guy you are with is too stupid to figure out his sign is upside down, but you are the one wearing that douchy bandana. We will call it a push.


  1. John Bball


    Stoopid Red Socks fans !!!

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