Top 10 funniest Knicks highlights from the 2013-14 season


The Knicks: not much fun for Knicks fans, lots of fun for everyone else. It’s been a rough year for them, as they’ve piled up more comedic highlights than wins. But thankfully for us, they’ve given us plenty of material.

So much so, that we’ve made a full #NOTSCTop10 to highlight their funniest moments of the year in GIF, Vine, and Video form.

Check ‘em out (by clicking the page numbers at the bottom).

There’s everything from an airballed dunk, to a 3 pointer that might make your head explode, to Carmelo expressing his disgust at both his team and the thought of playing another game for his team.

Your competitors for the #1 crown are: Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, JR Smith, Tyson Chandler and Andrea Bargnani, most of whom appear multiple times. Good luck!

(UPDATE: A new Carmelo vine and a Tyson Chandler dunk have cracked the list, making it 12 instead of 10. The other 2 were too good to drop off. But it could’ve been much more. It is the Knicks after all.)

Honorable mention: Bargnani attempts to play defense on LeBron


(GIF via @SBNationGIF)

“Hey wait LeBron…come back!”

A Bargnani fathead probably could’ve put up more defense.

That fathead could probably do some other things better than him too, as you’ll see.


Honorable mention: Carmelo Anthony remixes “walk this way”

(Vine via @Neco__)

Don’t let dribbling get in your way now, Melo.

In Carmelo’s defense, there’s only one basketball word he knows: “Shoot.”

Dribbling, passing, defense? Not really Melo’s thing. Getting his coach fired? That’s more his speed.

These are just these honorable mentions…the fun has only just begun. Except for Knicks fans, of course.


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