Top 10 funniest LeBron broken nose memes


As you probably heard after every media outlet in the country broke out of covering a potential World War 3 developing or an assassination attempt on the president to tell you, LeBron James broke his nose while attempting to dunk over Serge Ibaka, late in the Heat’s romp over the Thunder on February 20th.

The first question was…how should Serge Ibaka be punished? There were some discussions:

It’s a tough call. David Stern would’ve gone straight for the lethal injection. Adam Silver tries to be a little more humane. Just a little though.

Eventually, a punishment was handed down by Adam Silver:

So Ibaka survives. For now. How will the Thunder do without him? Who knows. We’ll see.

But what will LeBron do to fix his nose? There’s been talk of him going back to his old mask. We don’t know for sure though.

Twitter had some ideas, so we got 10 of the funniest LeBron broken nose memes and ranked them for you, #NOTSCTop10 style. Clickthrough (by clicking the page numbers at the bottom) and check ‘em out. There’s all kinds of suggestions, a theory about what really happened, some comparisons to other broken noses and even a few surprises, including a random appearance by an actual SportsCenter anchor.


#10 @PageQSports

LeBron as Batman would be great, because it keeps us from Ben Affleck. Well for that matter, anyone else as Batman would be great.

But if LeBron’s Batman, then Joey Crawford has to be Robin. And Mario Chalmers is Alfred.

Who would be Catwoman you ask? Chris Bosh. Duh. #heyyyyyyyyy


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