Top 10 most obnoxious drunks in the NFL


NFL players, owners, employees, and fans love to spend the spring and summer non-football months doing what they do best: get schwasted and get arrested for doing all kinds of stupid crap. A lot of them get very, very, sloppy.

Realizing that, we put together the #NOTSCTop10 most hilariously obnoxious drunks in the NFL. We’re not talking chugging a beer. That’s amateur stuff. We’re talking covered in alcohol (and more), pictures with strippers, mugshots, smoking all kinds of stuff wasted, type obnoxious.

There’s players, owners, even a broadcaster. Check ‘em all out by clicking the page numbers below. They’ve all gotten very, very obnoxious while drunk.

But first…we’ve got some honorable mentions that were too good to leave off (like Mr. Stafford at the top, for example).

(All photos via,,, or unless otherwise specified)

For example, here’s Broncos QB Peyton Manning, who was so sloppy he…well…


Looks like Peyton pissed himself. Just like in the Super Bowl.

And his teammate, Broncos WR Wes Welker:


Not really sure what it is he’s doing here. Also much like Welker in a Super Bowl.

Those are just the honorable mentions. This Top 10 is loaded, in every sense of the word.

(Up next: An ESPN analyst shows us why his analysis always seems so drunk)


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