Top 10 funniest NFL GIFs of 2013


There was all kinds of hilarity in the NFL this season, and we’re not just talking about the Houston Texans here. With 2013 behind us and the regular season over, we thought we’d count down the 10 funniest GIFs of the season (There’s actually 15 of them and one is a vine, but it all makes sense in some strange way. If 3 AFC West teams can make the playoffs, 14 GIFs and a vine can make our Top 10.).

It’s just like we did for college football: (

They’re in order from 10 to 1, with number 1 being a play you’ve probably seen a time or two or 300 this year. There’s everything from Cam Newton scared out of his mind, to snow eating people, to hilarity involving punters and kickers. Click through (by clicking the page numbers at the bottom) and check ‘em out.

10. Ever see a balk in a football game?


(GIF via @SBNation)

Shaun Suisham thought about kicking…sort of. Then he thought about passing. And running. And then was tackled.

He was confused as Michael Vick used to be, back when he still had a job. (Remember those days? Pepperidge Farm remembers.)

This wasn’t even the best part of this game, this was the Mike Tomlin dance contest game (


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