Top 10 funniest Richard Sherman/Erin Andrews interview memes


If you haven’t heard about Richard Sherman’s interview with Erin Andrews by now, welcome back to planet earth. Was it cold on Mars? Guess we’ll find out about that later.

Here’s one version of the interview you may not have seen, that you need to see:

(Video via

If you missed the original, go here for it, Crabtree and Sherman’s tweets at each other, and more:

Naturally such an insane interview created lots of internet spawned gold. We’d normally do a Top 10 twitter reactions, but there were so many good ones it would be more like top 20,000, and ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.

So instead, we found 10 of the funniest Sherman memes that were created, ranked them, and present them to you here. Click through (by clicking the page numbers at the bottom) and check ‘em out.

Some of these sources might be wrong, because as you know, twitter likes to steal. So if there’s one that’s wrong that you created, let us know, and we’ll fix it.

#10 Richard Sherman is ready for his tables, ladders, and chairs match at SummerSlam


(via @ChrisShanafelt)

FOX cut away before Vince McMahon even had a chance to respond.

We’ll see if he puts the belt on the line.


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