Top 10 sports photoshops of Ellen’s Oscars selfie


Ellen’s Oscars selfie has so many retweets now, it has more retweets than there are people on the planet (or so some people on twitter would tell you.) Naturally with a picture THAT popular, there’s bound to be some spinoffs.

And we’ve found a bunch of really good sports ones, that we ranked #NOTSCTop10 style. Check ‘em out (by clicking the page numbers at the bottom). There’s everything from random NBA players to a recently retired baseball player to Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim gettin sexy to even some SEC coaches.

But first, we have an honorable mention.

Well, sort of. It’s more like a dishonorable mention. It comes from SportsNation. No idea who made it, but it’s one of the worst photoshops ever created. You could blindfold yourself, chug an entire bottle of everclear and make a better one.

See for yourself:

It’s just sad, really.

It’s one of those things you’d praise your child for making and put up on the refrigerator long enough until he left the room, and then immediately take it off and burn it.

Now, on to the Top 10:

#10 @_ClintBarton_

Nicolas Cage sure is terrifying isn’t he?

You’re probably asking “what does this have to do with sports?” Good question, it doesn’t, just like ESPN these days.

The other 9 are about sports, we just refuse to rank that SportsNation one. Even if they pulled a gun Raymond Felton style. We have standards, you know.

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