Top 10 Unnecessarily Censored Images From Sochi


As we’re all well aware of, there are plenty of things Vladimir Putin is not a fan of. Gays are about 8 of the top 10. So as a result, some of the activities in Russia have been censored to “protect”…someone.

How ridiculous has the censorship in Russia really gotten? We complied our own Top 10, of images that might upset some Russian or children eyes (or both). Click through (by clicking the page numbers at the bottom) and see the 10 best images from Sochi of what Russia doesn’t want you to see.

We don’t quite take you in the middle of what goes on after hours at the Olympic Village (hint it starts with “or” and ends with “gy”), but we get pretty close. Apparently these long winters lead to some interesting hobbies by the athletes.

It gets a little…frisky.



Finally, something interesting happened in cross country!

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