Top 10 Uses For The Baseball $5 Coin


The U.S. Mint is about to begin production of innovative coins commemorating the National Baseball Hall of Fame, including a gold $5 coin. Unlike other all other coins and most Rockies pitchers, these coins have a nice curve.


Following are some of MLB-related uses specifically for the new $5 coin.


Used by Commissioner Bud Selig to break ties in the All Star Game.


Monthly salary for the highest paid player on the Astros roster.


Used as shingles on Robinson Cano’s new home in Seattle.


Used as a cereal bowl by Jose Altuve.


Have a logo designed by the same 6th grader to created the Miami Marlins logo.


Buy a used hat from one of the fans who jumped off the Yankees bandwagon last season.


Bowl-shaped glove side used to catch tears of steroid users for whom this coin is the closest they will come to being part of the Hall of Fame.


Flipped to determine the outcome of Angel Hernandez replay reviews.


Buy a cup of beer at Fenway Park that is barely larger than the coin itself.


Finally raise enough money to cure cancer by donating one $5 coin to cancer research for every home run allowed by Orioles pitchers.

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