Top 10 worst celebrity first pitches of all time


Lately there’s been an epidemic of really, really, really bad first pitches by the celebrities invited to throw them. Unless Lance Stephenson is creating a breeze in every stadium all the time, the celebrity first pitchers seems to have a real problem finding the plate.

It could have something to do with the teams they’re pitching for (Cubs, Mets, Astros, etc). They’re often really bad (which is an improvement for those teams).

So inspired by Bob Costas and others recently having so much trouble finding the plate, we’ve put together the #NOTSCTop10 worst celebrity first pitches of all time in GIF, Vine, and Video form.

There’s baseball players, basketball players, singers, government officials, all kinds of different wild pitches.¬†Check them all out by clicking the page numbers below.

There were a number of really bad ones that didn’t make the cut.

2 of ours actually match the #SCNotTop10 the real SportsCenter did on this very same topic last year, as you’ll see in GIF form.


10. Former Rangers pitcher/Astros executive Nolan Ryan


(GIF via

Sad that a former pitcher threw this, but it’s still the best pitch the Astros have thrown this season.

It’s surprising Nolan Ryan didn’t throw more than 7 no-hitters with stuff like that. Or kill someone, one or the other.

This is only number 10. They get bad. REALLY bad.


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    Missing Baba Booey!

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