NOTSportsCenter’s Top 10 funniest tweets of 2013


Typically each week we like to go back through the 10 best NOTSportsCenter stories of the week from across NOTSC, determined by writer selection and ranked by Retweet count from twitter. On twitter we call it the #NOTSCTop10. On Facebook we call it….something similarish.

But this time it’s a little different, it’s a review of the whole year of 2013. It’s been a wild year, including one tweet that we started a worldwide trend on twitter with with just that tweet alone. It’s like if Justin Bieber tweeted “hey” or something.

These were what we felt were our 10 best tweets this year. Click through (by clicking the page numbers at the bottom) and re-live or catch up on what you missed, with some extra commentary thrown in for #HumorReasons. Enjoy!

#10 LeBron had a triple double in the Finals, but he wasn’t the only one

Sadly, Tracy McGrady’s bench cheerleading career came to end without a ring.

Maybe Juwan Howard will let you look at one of his at the next NBA bench cheerleader meet.

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