The Top 10 “player/cheerleaders” of all time


There’s been a lot of talk this year about who is the bigger cheerleader: Tracy McGrady or Derrick Rose. That got us to thinking: who are the 10 biggest player/cheerleaders of all time? Here’s our guest contributor @DouchyTomBrady‘s Top 10 list of the best athlete cheerleaders of all time. Rose and McGrady are both on the list…did either make #1? Read through to find out.


10. John “The Spider” Salley

The Spider lurked around, looking for teams that he could latch onto to win championships. After being left unprotected as a member of the Heat and playing for the expansion Raptors, he realized his basketball skills were being wasted on the court and decided to hit the bench. In the process, he became a key cog riding the pine and helping the Bulls to their record setting 72 wins. He helped Jordan get his groove back to begin a second three-peat. Thinking his work was done, he decided to retire, until the enticing offer of joining Phil Jackson once again with the Lakers came along. He lead the Lakers with his cheering skills, aiding Shaq and Kobe to their first title in their three peat. If there was such a thing as a “journeyman cheerleader,” it would be John.

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  1. Ekow Tachie Ephraim


    D-Rose rules

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