HORRIFIC TRAGEDY: 19,000 exposed to 2 OTs of Bucks basketball


Tragedy struck the city of Milwaukee Wednesday night in what was supposed to be a normal December evening. Unbeknownst to the atrocities that awaited them, better than 19,000 fans willingly made their way through the doors of the BMO Harris Bradley Center expecting an evening of smiles, cheers and entertainment. What they received, however, was a nightmare.

Not only did the lowly Knicks play the even lowlier Bucks in what only be described as torture, but the game extended into not one, but TWO hellacious overtimes. “Truly heinous,” long time basketball fan Brian Jenson said who attended the game with his 8 year old son, Tommy. “I’m afraid Tommy will never be the same. When he wakes up at night, I know he’s going to see Andrea Bargnani’s face haunting him in the darkness. These things, once seen, can never be unseen.”


The face of doom.

Thousands of friends and family of the victims gathered around the doors of the BMO Harris Bradley Center to honor those affected by the tragedy with a candlelight vigil. “We will never forget. Those poor, poor souls. My heart weeps. I mean, TWO overtimes? Why, God? Why? The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, not a time of extended play between the Knicks and the Bucks. How can our community ever recover?”

To accentuate the ungodly horror even further, reports have been trickling in that this game was purposely televised, broadcast into millions of homes across the New York and Milwaukee markets. Millions looked on in horror as Andrea Bargnani took a shot that was the basketball version of answering “what is 2+2?” with the word “chicken.” (Video of the shot:

House wife Lorraine Gibbs of Brooklyn had been flipping through stations while watching television, only to accidentally stumble upon the graphic images of Bucks players attempting to dribble, shoot and pass a basketball. “I actually dug it. I’m totally into weird stuff like that, torture porn—you know movies like Saw, Hostel, The Human Centipede. Knicks/Bucks is right up there. So gross! I love it.” Being a Knicks fan is basically like having a weird foot fetish.

This holiday season, remember those less fortunate like the 19,000 pour souls that were exposed to this game live. They may never be the same again.

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