This Week in NOTSC Baseball Notes


We are proud to debut a new feature to our web site – This Week in NOTSC Baseball Notes. Older visitors may remember the T.W.I.B. Notes portion of the great television show “This Week In Baseball”. This is our opportunity to blatantly rip off that concept tip our hat to that institution.  We will begin with two weeks worth T.W.I.N.B. Notes in one.

  • Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips berated a local beat reporter on video (with dumbfounded manager Dusty Baker looking on sheepishly) for pointing out BP’s low on base percentage. During the day off that followed, Phillips went bowling with another member of the media, who wisely told other media members that Dat Dude BP bowled three 300 games.
  • Jason Kubel, Marlon Byrd, John Buck, John Axford, Quinton Berry and Michael Morse were all traded in a veritable “Who’s Who” of “Who knew these guys were still in the league?”
  • Alex Rodriguez continues to close in on a sacred career record: most home runs hit while suspended.
  • Speaking of suspended players, the Brewers’ Ryan Braun called the teams’ season ticket owners to issue an apology. He made so many calls that he went through a dozen boxes of throat lozenges. Commissioner Selig suspended him an additional 100 games for again using performance enhancing drugs.
  • Umpire “Country” Joe West signed a deal to start in his own four-episode televised mini-series, the title of which is “Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees”.
  • Orioles first baseman Chris Davis is closing in on the team’s single season record for home runs. Management is hoping to have the current record-holder Brady Anderson on hand, but are struggling to find a flight into Baltimore from total obscurity.
  • After beginning with an appearance on Sesame Street, Matt Kemp’s season is appropriately brought to you by the letters D and L.
  • Joe Mauer insists his concussion symptoms are behind him and wants to return to the Twins lineup soon. Doctors are skeptical, however, because he wants to return to the Twins lineup.
  • The city of Pittsburgh, whose Pirates have already clinched no worse than a .500 record for the first time since 1992, have made plans to compensate for all those celebration-less years by holding a parade for every one of the team’s wins the rest of the season.

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