This Week In NOTSC Baseball Notes (9/15)


T.W.I.N.B. (This Week In NOTSC Baseball) is our weekly nod to legendary announcer Mel Allen’s T.W.I.B. Notes segment on “This Week In Baseball”.

The Pittsburgh Pirates clinched their first winning season since 1992 with a victory in Texas. Manager Clint Hurdle will be awarded the key to the city by Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl once he gets it back from the St Louis Cardinals.

The 2014 Major League Baseball schedule was released. Here is a look at all of the games scheduled for September of next year….

In a shocking development, NOTSCMLB has learned that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are still playing.

Top News from @NOTSCMLB

The week began with @NOTSCMLB live-tweeting Sunday night’s Dodgers-Reds game, in which NL Cy Young candidate Clayton Kershaw had an unusually rocky start.

Just how good has Reds closer Aroldis Chapman been of late?

While the announcement of the 2014 schedule showed the Dodgers and Diamondbacks opening the season in Australia, there were rumors that plan could change.

As the week ended, we live tweeted the Yankees-Red Sox series because….well…

To say Yankees pitching has been ineffective against the Red Sox would be a severe understatement.

And who are the men putting the lumber to those Yankees pitchers? Their beards tell the story.

Eyewitness Reports

In future episodes of T.W.I.N.B. Notes, we plan on featuring some of the top tweets from our followers. If you would like to be considered, simply send post you headlines via Twitter with @NOTSCMLB added at the end of your tweet. We’ll retweet many of them and include our favorites here.

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