This Week In NOTSC Baseball Notes (9/24)


T.W.I.N.B. (This Week In NOTSC Baseball) is our weekly nod to legendary announcer Mel Allen’s T.W.I.B. Notes segment on “This Week In Baseball”.

Here’s a tip for the Baltimore Orioles: don’t cross Ray Lewis or his team, even following his retirement. The Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens were forced to open their season on the road because the Orioles refused to alter their own schedule. The Ravens were demolished by the Denver Broncos on that Thursday night. However, since that game ended, the curse of Ray-Ray began – the Orioles have gone 8-10, falling five games back of a playoff berth with a week to play. At this point, the Orioles have a better chance of finding Ray Lewis’ white suit than finding themselves in the postseason.

Following their controversial celebration in the Chase Field after clinching the NL West, rumor has it Dodgers players peed in stadium’s pool (according to leaked reports). It is believed that they also left a flaming bag of poop in the Diamondbacks’ dugout.

The Houston Astros will end their season at home on Sunday with Fan Appreciation Day. It should be a great day for Jim Bob Johnson, their fan. The franchise will award him with a brand new 60″ LED television in hopes of increasing overall viewership of televised Astros games to 1.

Top News from @NOTSCMLB

Good news for the Reds as injured starting pitcher Johnny Cueto proved he was close to being ready to face Major League opposition.

Alex Rodriguez is becoming the most decorated suspended player of all time.

They say the NFL is a copycat league. Apparently, so is Major League Baseball.

Athletes are almost just like us after all.

Eyewitness Reports

In this section, we featuring some of the top tweets from our followers. If you would like to be considered, simply send post your headlines via Twitter with @NOTSCMLB added at the end of your tweet. We’ll retweet many of them and include our favorites here.

And you thought the most talented homeless man in Los Angeles was a singer.

Finally, we find out the real reason behind the Red Sox’ resistance to razors.

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