VIDEO: 50 Cent throws the worst first pitch ever, set to Major League


If you had heard that 50 Cent was on the mound at Citi Field tonight, you probably would have assumed it was referring to the salary of one of the Mets pitchers. Not so, however.

Tonight’s ceremonial first pitch was thrown by rapper 50 Cent. It turned out to be the most embarrassing event incorporating a rapper into the world of sports since T.I. tried to fight Floyd Mayweather just last weekend.

And MLB Fan Cave gave it the “Major League” treatment it deserved:

(Video via @MLBFanCave)

Jusssssstttttttt a bit outside.

Seems 50 you ain’t so hot after all.

It is the biggest hit to a rapper’s street cred since Ice Cube appeared in “Are We There Yet?”.


Fiddy’s accuracy was so bad that it has reignited claims that he was behind the failed drive-by shooting attempt directed at rival rapper Rick Ross a couple years ago.

We expect a better ceremonial first pitch attempt in Los Angeles next month when the Angels send Hologram Tupac to the mound.

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