Video: A “preview” of a 30 for 30 on the GOAT: Brian Scalabrine


Incredible. Transcendent. Awe-inspiring. These are just some of the many adjectives used to describe the greatest basketball player ever to walk to this planet: Brian Scalabrine. Why people waste time debating LeBron vs Kobe or LeBron vs Jordan or LeBron vs Durant is beyond us. They all pale in comparison to the mamba.

He’s so good it was actually him who scored 61 points in a LeBron mask (more on that here:

Knowing all of this, someone made a preview of what a 30 for 30 on Brian would be like:

(Video via

True greatness. Even if they made the film it couldn’t possibly do Brian justice on how amazing he was.

Jimmer Fredette has to fill his shoes on the Bulls now…no pressure:

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