VIDEO: Flying Alabama woman tries to fight “every Sooner here”


Last summer, Riley Cooper made headlines for a no no word he got caught saying while threatening an entire race at a Kenny Chesney concert (tsk tsk that country music, such a bad influence on the children).

At the Sugar Bowl, country livin’ struck again, although this time it was less racist and more Oklahomacist. And she actually took action.

That’s right, a woman from Alabama, with her children in attendance (they may have been drinking with her, who knows, they are Alabama fans), decided to try out her new flying punch finishing move on an unsuspecting group of Sooner students.

And she didn’t stop there.¬†Here’s the video of the whole thing:


Sadly, the White Stripes continue to infect everything related to football (this could be how World War Z starts, who knows), so we don’t have the original sound.

But what we do have, thanks, to @BrianMFloyd, are two edited versions:

First version features the subject of 8,954,322 College Gameday signs (not an exaggeration, here’s an example of one:, Wrecking Ball:

Second version has Jim Ross on the call:

Too bad this woman didn’t have a uniform, the Alabama defense could’ve used her.

If only the flying Alabama woman could actually fight Riley Cooper. It’s a match made in Celebrity Deathmatch (and TruTV) heaven.


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