Video: Allen Iverson: “We talkin ’bout…pants?”


Now that Allen Iverson is retired, mostly due to every NBA team telling him no 57 times before he finally got the message, he needs a new source of revenue. So he got a commercial with Reebok, where he utters his now famous press conference line (the original video:

Sort of. It’s a spin off  (it’s what the kids call “parody” or “satire”) of it. It’s a commercial that also features Shaq, former Sonics F Shawn Kemp, and a bunch of guys that may or may not be Shawn Kemp’s kids (considering how many he has, there’s a 95% chance that anyone is Kemp’s kid).

And yes, they call out Iverson for getting a “haircut” with a hat on:

(Video via

A bunch of guys talking about actual Seattle basketball and not whining about no Seattle basketball…seems strange, doesn’t it? Maybe one day we’ll actually get back to that.

Probably when pigs fly.


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