Video: Knicks F Amare Stoudemire with the sweet dish to…no one


The Knicks. Just when you think they’re turning it around and actually playing well, they’re disgusted at the thought of even playing another game ( Well it turns out Carmelo was disgusted with good reason, as they lost to the Bobcats (which isn’t as hilarious as previous years, but is still funny because you know, it’s the Bobcats.).

But that wasn’t even the most embarrassing thing. Amare Stoudemire…say no more, right? Well we will say a little. Amare decided to kick the ball to the wide open guy in the corner. Except there was one problem.

(Vine via

In Amare’s defense, the woman in heels was wide open for the baseline 3.

Amare now has a hilarious offensive play to go with his defensive adventures from earlier this year ( That must be why he’s making $22 million this year. Comedy.

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