VIDEO: Andre Iguodala’s crossover ends Quincy Miller’s existence


Warriors F Andre Iguodala is vaguely familiar with the Nuggets, having spent all of last year with the team, after getting traded there as part of the insanely complicated multiple team Dwight Howard Magic/Lakers trade (if you’ve changed jobs in the last two years, that was actually part of it as well).

And with one move, Iguodala got revenge in a way that could only be topped by sleeping with your bosses’ wife.

Iguodala tried to escape on a fastbreak, and Miller tried to cover him.

Big mistake.

(Video via @CJZero)

And suddenly, Quincy Miller has lost 3 inches in height.

Red Cross was rushed in to give life support. Miller should survive, but that was Brandon Knight level rough. Best wishes in recovery Quincy.

UPDATE: LeBron reacts to Quincy Miller getting worked by Iguodala:

(Vine via @CJZero)


Qunicy Miller himself shared his thoughts on the death of his ankles by Andre Iguodala, and they looked similar to everyone else’s:


Plus the plan for what he’ll do with the sneakers now covered in ankle blood:



Don’t do that man, sell them on eBay. Even covered in ankle blood they’ll be popular, just like new Jordans are.

And finally, Miller shared his plans for twitter:


See you in 2016 Quincy. Hopefully you’ll have those new ankles broken in by then. Oops. Too soon?

At least he has a sense of humor, and that’s something Iguodala can’t break. We think.


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