VIDEO: Arena Football fan reaching for ball gets crushed by WR


One of the more interesting aspects of Arena League football is how close the fans are to the extremely small field. At an NFL game you’d get tackled by 73 security officers before you could even reach the sideline.

In the Arena League someone could jump on to the field pick off the Arena league version of Tony Romo and run it back for a TD before you could even blink.

So naturally, there’s opportunities for Steve Bartman-esque events at games.

And as this Spokane Shock fan found out, trying to do that at an arena league football game is rather…painful:

(Video via

THIS JUST IN: That WR has been fined $25,000 by Roger Goodell for a hit on a defenseless fan. That’s Roger’s 92892479179108th time assessing that fine. He’s quite serious about safety. And his wallet.

NFL season…it’s so close we can taste it. Either that or, it’s the football we’ve been eating to tide us over. Either way…FOOTBALL!

For more big lower level football hits watch the first ever female pro RB get obliterated: (Yes, there was a Goodell fine there too. Wherever there is defense being played: Roger will be there to punish you for it.)

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