VIDEO: Auburn gives up GW HR to Ole Miss…on an intentional walk?


Often times in baseball, managers will out think themselves, thinking they’d rather walk the entire lineup in order, than throw one pitch within 50 feet of the plate to a certain player. But you would think an intentional walk couldn’t backfire right? Maybe it gives up a free base, but that’s gotta be the worst possible outcome, right?

Wrong. The school that managed to turn a field goal attempt by the other team into the game winning points for them without blocking it (GIFs from that madness: ) and a tipped pass by the defense on 4th down into a game winning touchdown (GIF from THAT madness: has done it yet again. Except God wasn’t on their side this time.

Auburn P Jay Wade was supposed to walk Ole Miss’ Austin Anderson.

Instead…he did this:

(Video via @ESPN)


Looks like God’s no longer on Auburn’s side. After watching famous Auburn grad Charles Barkley “cover” college basketball for 3 weeks he probably isn’t happy. Do you really blame him?


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