VIDEO: Ball spins in goal while goalie celebrates a “stop”


Soccer is a game of endurance, skill, intelligence, and as is with most sports, machismo. The best let everyone know they’re the best, and they do so pretty often. This guy, however, chose the wrong moment to tell everyone exactly how he felt about his “amazing” save.

Goalie: “I’m the man, I’m the man, I’m the…uh oh.”

(Vine via @SCTopPlays)

Whoops. You mean once the goalie touches the ball the game ISN’T immediately over?!? With game knowledge like that he could easily join the NFL replacement Refs, or maybe become a Sportscaster for FOX News.

The best part is watching him hit the logo on his jersey as if to say “I did this for my team!” Yeah, we the team, really don’t appreciate you giving that half-assed effort on that penalty kick. This is going to reflect negatively on your upcoming performance review. Oh, you didn’t know you had a review coming up? Well we just now realized that you needed one.

If he’s lucky, the team will only tie him to a tree and pour honey all over him and leave him for a day or so. If he lives in a 3rd world country, however, let’s just say this is the last we’ll see of him…

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