Video: Brent Musburger likes co-eds…”Ohhhh Yeahhhhh.”


Jenn Sterger. Katherine Webb.  You may remember these girls from such films as “Random Florida State home game” and “the 2013 BCS National Title game.” Well the narrator of those films is back with the third movie in his trilogy: “Iowa State selfie: OH YEAH.”

Brent was calling the Iowa State/Kansas game and the camera happened to pan into the crowd to a girl taking a selfie when they were discussing who the sixth man might be.

As you might imagine, Brent was VERY much a fan.

Well, someone’s going to get 15 more minutes of fame than she thought she would.

Here’s that Austin Powers-esque sound bite in a vine:

(Vine, video via @LostLettermen)

It’s Friday night, is Brent Musburger ready to party? OHHH YEAHHHH.

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  1. Action Jackson


    Right after the game Musburger experienced a true Selfie!

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