Video: Broncos and Seahawks mascots don’t get along


Super Bowl week is a long one and you’ll hear just about as much about the Broncos and Seahawks and all their secrets that you can possibly take. Sure, normally no one cares how NFL players like their eggs or what their favorite Justin Bieber song is (none of them of course) but this week you’re going to hear about it.

As you’ll see in the video below, it’s rough on everyone. Including the teams’ mascots, Miles and Blitz.

(Video via @ESPN)

Tomorrow on First Take: Is Miles a thug for pushing all the elevator buttons? Or is Blitz the thug? Or is all Richard Sherman’s fault? Or Jay Cutler’s? We’ll discuss.

And yes, this is SportsCenter on NOTSportsCenter. (It’s actually happened before: It either makes sense or makes no sense, or makes no sense that it makes sense. Confused yet?

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