VIDEO: Browns WR Andrew Hawkins bans his son for liking Bengals


Browns WR Andrew Hawkins jumped to the other side of Ohio in the offseason, leaving the Bengals for the greener pastures of Cleveland. And when we say green, we mean money obviously (why else would anyone ever sign in Cleveland?).

Naturally when you change sides in a rivalry, there’s going to be some mental hurdles to clear. In Hawkins case it was going from “Hey we might win a Super Bowl” to “Hey we might win 6 games this year if a bunch of teams forget to show up and are forced to forfeit.”

Hawkins decided to ask his 2 year old son who his favorite players were. Likely unaware he changed teams, his son answered “Sanu and AJ,” referring to Bengals WRs Mohamed Sanu and AJ Green. Uh oh. That’s not good.

His son found out the hard way.

(Video via Andrew Hawkins on Instagram)

Ouch. Hopefully he learned his lesson.

There’s simply zero tolerance for anyone who likes the Bengals.

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