Video: Carmelo Anthony: “Another game tomorrow? SHIIIITTTTTT”


It hasn’t been easy for this Knicks this year. JR Smith can’t keep his hands off of other men’s shoelaces and is now being shopped in search of perhaps a hand shake or a high five (, Amare Stoudemire can’t keep his hands in front of his defender (, and Carmelo can’t stop thinking about how fast he’s going to bolt town the moment free agency hits.

But things have gotten better, as the Knicks are 6-1 in their last 7.  But the idea of playing more basketball right away still doesn’t sound all that appealing to Melo, as he expressed after a victory over the Suns:

(Vine via @RTNBA)

Don’t worry Melo, the Bucks and the Magic say the same thing after every game.


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