VIDEO: Casey Drills Plesac – the Greatest MLB Network Moment Ever


In 2009, Major League Baseball turned a dream into reality. They launched their own cable television network as a means to showcase some of the most annoyingly obnoxious former players because Commissioner Bud Selig was apparently eager to tap into some of that Skip Bayless popularity shamelessly mined by ESPN. If time permitted, they would actually even air some baseball games as well, predominantly those featuring the Yankees and/or Red Sox.

Five years into the network’s existence, MLB Network may have finally found a format that will draw even more eyes and ears to its programming: physically harming their buffoonish talking heads.

(Video courtesy reddit user harriswill)

While Dan Plesac’s plunking is pleasing, a Mitch Williams whacking would be wonderful. Just an hour each day of Sean Casey raking line drive after line drive at Harold Reynolds would lift their ratings up to new heights, possibly even putting up numbers similar to Cloo or The Liquidation Channel. Maybe if Casey laces one of Chris Russo’s head, he might start talking like a normal human being.

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