VIDEO: Charity hockey game between FDNY and NYPD turns into brawl


New York — First, we here at NOTSC want to make it clear that we stand behind and fully support fire fighters and police officers everywhere. Their jobs are far harder than what we do, and we are in no way making light of that. But we make light of sports, and if a fire fighter or police officer is involved, so be it. Here both were involved.

The FDNY and NYPD were engaged in their annual charity hockey game when suddenly an episode of Jerry Springer broke out.

Benches cleared at the FDNY vs NYPD Hockey Game #FDNY #NYPD #Fight #Brawl #FuckThaPolice

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Pretty sure when the police and firefighters start fighting each other, no one wins. People were still trying to figure out what caused the brawl, and we believe we have come up with a few plausible theories:

1: Playing on the New York Islanders home ice drove each team to violent despair.

2: A on-ice debate about which pizza joint made the original Brooklyn-style pizza got out of hand.

3: A harmless “Yo mamma” joke got out of hand.

4: Someone had to decide if Mike Richter or Henrik Lundqvist was the best goalie in Ranger history, and they chose wrong.

5: A Buffalo Sabres fan got fed up with being teased and decided to lash out.

6: Sean Avery was playing.

Regardless of the reason, we still got to see some of the bravest men (We think. We didn’t see any women on the ice) in the state of New York beat the crap out of each other FOR CHARITY. That’s awesome.

'Showed him who's boss. Turn down for what?"

“Showed him who’s boss. Turn down for what?”

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