Video: Charles Barkley on why North Dakota State’s coach was crying


If there’s one thing Charles Barkley knows, it’s NBA basketball (it sure as hell isn’t golf.). If there’s one thing he still doesn’t know that well but it doesn’t stop him from gambling on it or being an analyst for it: it’s college basketball.

Charles occasionally gets things right (a broken clock is right twice a day), but what he does best still is cracking on just about everyone.

North Dakota State coach Saul Phillips got a little emotional after being knocked out of the tournament by San Diego State. Charles Barkley promised not to make fun of him, which lasted for…a few minutes or so.

Barkley had a theory as to why he was crying:

(Vine via

Hey…there’s a lot of…uh…well…at least it’s not South Dakota?

To be fair, he was probably crying because he knew he’d have to actually listen to you analyze these games now.

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