VIDEO: Clayton Kershaw becomes modern-day William Tell


Los Angeles — Clayton Kershaw is a beast of a pitcher. Currently (as of July 29) holding a 12-2 record with a 1.76 (!) ERA, this $215 million man can throw no wrong pitch.

Unless it’s at Jimmy Kimmel’s head.

Recently, Clayton Kershaw was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he was tasked with becoming a modern William Tell and knocking an apple off of a head. Instead of using a bow and arrow and a child (If that excites you, you’re probably a sociopath and should stay away from kids and weapons), he had to use a baseball and Jimmy Kimmel himself

(video via Jimmy Kimmel on YouTube)

Ouch. While the apple was knocked off his head, I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the way poor Jimmy had in mind when he sat down.

On the bright side, at least the ball wasn’t thrown by Aroldis Chapman. That ends Mortal Kombat style. #Fatality

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