VIDEO: Clueless Cardinals fan gets hit by bat


One of the most repeated warnings issued at ballparks is to be aware of any objects leaving the playing field. We have all seen our share of fans being hit with balls (and the occasional bat), so you’d think everyone would be paying attention.

It looks like one Cardinals fan missed the memo.

During the Cardinals-Pirates series last week, A.J. Pierzynski let his bat slip through his fingers and watched it soar into the crowd. Needless to say, he was treated to an interesting sight.

(Video via

It’s kinda funny how everyone else ducks or otherwise tries to get out of the way while that oblivious fan just sits there daydreaming away. What’s worse is that the woman next to him tried to defend herself and even though she took the brunt of the impact, he still claimed the bat. Jerk.

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