VIDEO: Cowboys players read “mean” tweets about themselves


The Dallas Cowboys were once America’s team. Dominating every one in the 90’s, setting records, winning Super Bowls. Now they’re America’s joke, going 8-8 every year, throwing Romoception after Romoception, and winning….well, nothing.

But some people still think they’re America’s team and hype them up as being “great” every single year, despite¬†that even the Jacksonville Jaguars have 3 times as many playoff wins over the last 17 years than they do (Seriously. It sounds like a joke but it’s not, we swear. Google it.).

As a result, Tony Romo and the boys get mocked quite a bit for coming up short year after year after year after year after year after…well, you get the idea.

Borrowing from Jimmy Kimmel and his NBA players reading mean tweets about themselves, the Cowboys decided to give it a shot.

And yes, Tony Romo was involved. Obviously.

(Video via

You can tell by Brandon Weeden’s reaction that even he thinks Jerry Jones wasted his money.

For more Romo/Cowboy “mean” tweets check out our #NOTSCTop10 funniest tweets about Tony Romo’s late inerceptions from last year’s game against the Packers, where the Cowboys Romoed all over a 23 point halftime lead and lost:

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