VIDEO: Cubs fans excitedly talk about prospects that don’t exist


The Cubs: they’ve been re-building for about oh….106 years now. And like the Energizer bunny it keeps going, and going, and going and…well, you get the idea. It’s never gonna stop seemingly.

They’ve had to adjust their lineup just to try and compete:

Rizzo’s pretty damn versatile, we’ll give him that.

But with guys like Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, etc maybe just maybe they’ll be good enough just in time to have to trade these guys to the Yankees and start the re-build over again.

The guys from Red Eye Chicago took to the streets to ask fans what they thought about some prospects. There was only one catch though.

None of them actually exist.

But that didn’t stop Cubs fans from being excited:

(Video via


To be fair, can you name the guys on your high school baseball team? That’s the caliber of player we’re talking here (outside of Anthony Rizzo of course).

For more people talking about things that never actually happened, check out the Jimmy Kimmel segment where he asked fans what they thought of Landon Donovan’s “performance” in the World Cup:

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