VIDEO: Cubs grounds crew tarp field to Yakety Sax


The Chicago Cubs have horrible luck. Fielding bad team after bad team year after year, they have become synonymous with “losing,” “sucking,” and “reason to become an alcoholic.”

The shadow of failure over the franchise is so powerful, it even extends to the grounds crew.

During the Giants-Cubs game the other night, rain prompted the grounds crew to bring out the tarp. This act proved to be quite difficult. With the footage sped up and Benny Hill’s theme (Yakety Sax) added, their struggles cease to be a tragedy and become a comedy.

(video via Ann Frazier)

We still haven’t decided what is more surprising: the grounds crew having as much trouble as they did, or the fact the Cubs were actually winning over the Giants. The game was eventually called a couple hours later, giving the Cubs the win. However, the win was overturned on appeal the next day. Typical Cubs. They can’t even rig a win.

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