VIDEO: Cyclist Eloy Teruel celebrates one lap too soon


With Lance Armstrong and his ball of fury being banned from anything to do with a bicycle, including even using the letters “b”, “i”, “k”, or “e”, there hasn’t really been a whole lot of national attention paid to cycling.

Spanish cyclist Eloy Teruel thought he’d change all that…and for once it actually has nothing to do with juicing. No really, it doesn’t.

Teruel thought he was cruising into a victory so he started celebrating.

There was one problem: he still had one lap left.

(Video via


Teruel went from “winning” to finishing 56th. Ouch.

He tweeted about it afterwards:

In case you slept through Spanish class like everyone else who took it, here’s the translation:

Not only can Eloy not count, he clearly doesn’t get how the internet works. Stay in school, kids.

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