VIDEO: D-Backs, Dodgers AAA teams involved in bench clearing brawl


Reno — Just in case you forgot about last year, the Diamondbacks and the Dodgers kinda don’t get along. While this season has been relatively quiet between the two, what with the Dodgers dealing with the Giants for the division lead and the D-Backs trying to keep every player on their roster from having Tommy John surgery, their AAA teams decided to pick up the slack yesterday.

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The Reno Aces (D-Backs) and Albuquerque Isotopes (Dodgers) made sure everyone there got their money’s worth. Our favorite part was when the brawl kicked up behind home plate and a random helmet goes flying (best seen around the :40 mark to the left side of the video). In the end, ten players and a manager were ejected, and nobody cared who won or lost, because hey, a fight!

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